Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gulf Swell still on track

Storm under the Aleutians will send down a pulse of WNW swell (285-300) for Wednesday/Thursday this coming week.  Probably good for chest/head high sets at best exposures.  SSW swell will continue all week then be joined late in the week by a S-SE swell (165-180) around Aug 18-22.  Because of the angle of approach, this swell will miss a lot of spots in Nor Cal, but breaks that can harness the angle might see some chest high sets.  Tropical Storm Hector is 320 miles south of Baja, but looks to move due West and weaken as we start the week.  If we see any swell from Hector it will probably be lost in the mix of SSW-S-SE swells for the week.  We could see lighter AM winds Tuesday thru Thursday - so check the wind links for early morning sessions to see if it's a go.  No other swell maker in the North Pacific behind the current storm.  No extra tropical systems either re curving off Japan.  Keeping an eye on everything now for stronger signs of Fall.  A few more weeks....cya in the water.

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