Monday, April 16, 2012

Updated Forecast - Week Ahead

Sad to hear over the weekend that four sailors died off the Farallones during the Full Crew Race .  The "Low Speed Chase" was based out of the Belvedere Yacht Club.  Accident happened on Saturday in 25kt winds and 15 foot waves.  Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.

For the rest of us, Spring has finally arrived with low clouds, fog, onshore winds.  High pressure is starting to shove the winter jet stream into hibernation and we're forecast to get a nice warm up this coming weekend.  Swell wise - the N Pac is still active with a good shot of WNW swell due in today through Wednesday from 270-300,  Swell will peak Tues/Wed with deepwater swell in the 10-12ft range.  S Pac is staying relatively active with smaller pulses through Friday, but mainly lost in the more dominant NW energy.  Look for NW winds through the week.  Surf early and find protected spots from the NW wind.  Cya in the water.

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