Monday, December 5, 2011

Small surf through week, offshore winds continue

Surf should stay on the small side through the week - then jump up into the large category by weeks end.  Offshore winds look good for Tuesday, likely to continue each morning at least.  Very cold air temps tonight.  We're in a Rex Block pattern as the weather guys like to call it - blocking high pressure sits out in the Pacific along 135-140w - pushing the jet stream up and over the West and into the Great Basin.  This is the reason for these back to back offshore wind events - but not great for swell production.  We don't get any rain either - which isn't good.  Right now the pattern looks to stay in place until Mid December - then perhaps break down.  The active phase of the MJO is trying to fire up in the far West Pacific (the active phase of the MJO increases the energy in the Pacific and thus storms and swells) - once that takes hold we'll probably see a prolonged period of bigger swells, more weather headed our way.  That's usually the case at least.  Still, pretty nice conditions for surfing, so go get some.  Cya in the water.

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