Friday, November 4, 2011

Surfboards for Sale

Selling some boards -
5.8 McCallum Mini Simmons/light blue with marine ply keels - *SOLD*
6.6 Fletcher Chouinard KMRP (Keith Malloy) - 5 fin FCS set up - *SOLD*
6.2 Channel Island Dumpster Diver - $250.00 *SOLD*

6.4. Rusty Piranha - $225.00
6.5 Channel Island Flyer - $275.00

If interested, leave a comment with your email address (i won't publish the comment, but can respond direct to your email).  I can take some pics, send you additional dims etc.   All of these boards are in super nice condition.  A few surface heel dents etc - but most have been sitting in my garage unridden for quite a while.

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