Friday, November 18, 2011

17 ft at 15 seconds.....

Buoys to the north are showing next swell train inbound with deepwater in the 17ft range.  Closer, Pt Reyes, 10ft at 14 seconds - solid.  Winds are light this morning, from southwest to northwest depending on your location.  Swell will fill in today - peak Saturday with deepwater swell in the 8-12ft range.  Steep angle (320+) as all our recent storms and swells are originating high in the eastern Gulf of Alaska - as high pressure is controlling the Central Pacific and pushing the storm track up into the Bering Sea, down into British Columbia.  This pattern is still very typical of La Nina which appears to still be in control of our weather and waves this winter.  Winds are forecast to be out of the northwest most of the weekend - probably lightest in the mornings and/or find places sheltered from the wind.  Plenty of surf on tap for sure with chance of light rain on and off until Sunday.  Cold temps as well mornings and overnight.  Cya in the water.

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