Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend Outlook

Decent run of back to back southwest swells will end over the weekend - and miserable onshore winds will continue at most spots through the period.  No warm up really in the cards for us until perhaps mid next week - and only then modest warming inland.  Background south swell and nw windswell over Sat/Sun - staying small - waist to maybe chest high.  We have another run of southwest swell lining up next week - but this event will be much smaller than this past weekend due to shadowing from New Zealand as the storm developed and evolved.  Deepwater swell this AM wasn't looking horrible - 3.2 at 17 from 175 - however, a bit on the inconsistent side.  Have a good weekend - as always - surf early this time of year and you might find conditions a bit "cleaner." cya in the water.

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