Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Forecast and beyond....

I'm off to Ireland later today - so won't be updating this forecast until next Wed or Thurs.  NW Windswell is the primary source for surf through the weekend.  Today the windswell is actually decent size 8ft plus - but winds are hacking it up at most spots.  Small pulses of west/northwest groundswell and a new south/southwest groundswell fill in the background.  Winds continue to be the issue - and will fluctuate back and forth between onshore and northwest.  Lightest winds will probably be found early mornings - but dont expect super clean conditions.  You'll probably find shoulder to head high waves at northwest facing breaks - small at protected breaks.  Good luck hunting.  Dont think i'll be getting any surf in Ireland either - as late July for them is much like late July for us - only it rains a lot more.  cya in the water.

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