Monday, May 9, 2011

Week Ahead

Light north winds this AM - mix of north windswell and small southwest swell in the water.  Look for this mix of swells to continue most of the week.  Best bet is going to be sheltered spots as winds will be a problem most of the week with continued onshore/northwest flow.  By the weekend - a very deep, unseasonably cold low pressure system is forecast to drop down out of the Gulf of Alaska and bring us a chance of rain - and temps will be much cooler by late Friday into Sunday.  I am tracking a pretty significant sw swell for around May 19-22.  A big storm is just getting started east of New Zealand and will track north and east over the next few days with very strong winds.  Most of the energy will hit South America, Central America and Mexico but plenty of swell will make it to the West Coast. More on that late in the week. Cya in the water.

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