Monday, April 18, 2011

Week Ahead

**My blog got a facelift - hope you like it.  Photo credits to Hawk (i'll be adding new photos on a regular basis so feel free to send me interesting pics).  Small surf looks the rule most of the week.  Mix of windswell and south/sw swell events on and off through the period.  The southern hemi is getting more active, so you might find something to ride at breaks with a good window to that direction.  I'd recommend a big floaty board too. Winds are problematic all week with a front moving past today and another on Wed/Wed night - bringing another chance of rain.  Check the winds early/surf early/be happy with what you get. Only five months until September.  cya in the water.


  1. Love the facelift ;) (my pic)...

    Keep the info flowing..

  2. Hey! I was trying to figure out who sent the picture or how i got it so i could give credit. I plan on changing the pictures on a regular basis - but this one is so cool. Send me another comment with your info so i can make sure you get credit for the pic. Cheers, Wasab