Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updated Weekend Forecast

Crazy day yesterday with all the destruction in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami - as well as a fair amount of damage in Santa Cruz Harbor and Crescent City.  I got out in the water around mid day - up in Marin - and it was quite dynamic as the ocean was still feeling the effects of the waves of energy coming from across the Pacific.  Tsunami Advisories are finally over - and we have large back to back wnw swells inbound for Sunday and Monday.  Unfortunately winds look pretty problematic on Sunday as a front is also dragging down from the northwest - should kick up strong se winds.  You might see some light to variable winds on Monday with xxl surf at north facing breaks.  Certainly will be plenty of swell over the next 2-4 days - just check the wind reports and if you know where to go on certain wind directions - you'll have plenty to ride. It's going to be on and off rain chances most of next week as well - so keep that in mind when planning your session.   I won't update this blog from March 16-20 - going down to Mexico to chase inbound early season sw swells.  cya in the water.

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