Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Ahead

Complex weather pattern overhead - east winds advecting Tule Fog from the Central Valley into the Bay Area - and n/northwest winds blowing further offshore.  Look for more dense fog the next morning or two - and then by mid week high pressure will grow stronger, and move into the Great Basin which should mix out the junk.  Large west swell charges in here on Tuesday with surf in the double/triple overhead range (10-15ft deepwater) - at northwest facing breaks.  Fading a tad Wednesday, down to 8-12 ft and fades further on Thursday/Friday.  Sheltered spots are probably going to be the cleanest with this weather pattern we're stuck in.  No rain in sight - high pressure in control and looks to stay that way through the week.  Enjoy your day off - cya in the water.

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