Monday, March 30, 2009

NW winds all week

Morning - NW winds will continue all week - with gale force gusts at times over the outer waters and short period, fairly large windswell. Wind protected spots are probably your best shot. There is a chance of some WNW swell mid week from a storm coming together out in the Pac, this energy will serve to reinforce the dominant windswell. If the nearshore winds veer a bit more NE or E depending on the location of high pressure all week, some of the more exposed beaches might see early mornings with some sideshore or offshore flow, but i wouldn't count on it. I hit some of those NW windprotected spots over the weekend and the surf was pretty fun.

cya in the water.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey Everyone - this looks like a cool film about our East Coast brothers. Coming this Summer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Forecast

Morning Everyone. NW flow nearshore has slowed a bit, but still some funk and warble today with windswell in the water. Our weekend swell is at the SE Papa Buoy (600nm offshore), just filling in over the past 6 hours or so - showing some decent energy in the 10ft at 15 sec range (deep water swell). This should be filling in tomorrow, later in the day - thinking it's going to be 5-7 ft by the time it hits our shores. Winds tomorrow morning could be light in the am, stronger in the afternoon. We have two wind patterns right now - the upper flow is N/NE and the lower altitudes is more West. This is why we're not getting a super clean offshore flow. Sunday will likely have more NW onshore flow in the morning as another storm passes to our NW. Tides are very low in the mornings and high mid day. On a bright note - the sun is out and it's a beautiful day. Cya in the water.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NWs blow

Morning - NW winds blowing, look a bit lighter near shore. Wind slop in the water. Water temp is 49.3 and still falling.

So good friend of mine is making these cool boardstands (I just got one). Great for repair work and taking off wax. If you want more info on how to get one - let me know.

Hoping offshores tomorrow morning with more northerly flow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sims Fish on Order

So check this out - a Sims inspired fish, shaper is Jeff McCallum in So Cal. He is shaping me this board in a 5.8 by 23 by 3 - should be arriving soon, pretty stoked to get it as well. I figure the one in this shot is around 4.10. I've ridden a good friends replica of the Sims, and I have to say they are an amazing surf - part skateboard, part glider - hardest part of riding a board like this is keeping it in the critical part of the wave. So much speed down the line, easy to outrun most of the ocean. Surf it vertical and you'll be doing coping-inspired turns off the top. I ordered this board through Graham down at Shelter Surf in Long Beach - great guy, so if you need to get hooked up let me know.

Those of you seeking a warm water fix -

with our water temps hovering near ice box - enjoy this great shot - aussie friend of mine surfing a nice remote point break on Mainland Mexi two summers ago. Getting ready to rip one off the top! Air was about 90, water in the high 80s this day. I am going back to this same place late May - can't wait.
Morning Everyone -

NW winds continue to hammer us – high pressure is parked over the Eastern Pacific – so as such – the winds are coming down the backside of the high right at us. Hoping we get more of a NE shift by Friday, but after looking at the models and forecast this morning – I’m not sure we’ll see a real turn in the winds until Sunday/Monday – when a low pressure system dives out of BC and into the Great Basin. That’s at least the forecast – we’ll see if it happens.

No rain in sight – although long term models hint at perhaps a return to some wet weather in early April.

Swell wise – mostly short period windswell in the water at the moment – 8-9 ft with periods running 8-9 sec. We will see a new WNW long period swell on the rise by Saturday – projecting deep water swell in the 8-9ft range at 17 sec from 307. Sunday, period and size drop a bit to 7-8 at 15. Should still be left overs on Monday, just smaller and shorter period. This storm is still coming together in the Gulf of Alaska – so we’ll see how it tracks over the next 48 hrs.

Between now and then – looks like windswell is the main player. Water temps have also tumbled to their normal spring time lows – 49 degrees and falling! Brrrrr. And I suspect we might see waters a bit cooler by Friday if these NW winds keep howling offshore. Good time for a big suit.

Finally, I’m going to start working on the Wasabi Blog – so as that gets rolling, pictures, stories, links etc will be welcomed as the blog develops. My hope is to be able to update a couple days each week and also start to include some nice material to read and circulate. Get some cool links as well. So stay tuned for that.

Cya in the water,